The aim of this site is to make available Van Cooten family history information, provide a means of collaboration between extended family members, and to make available several sources for researchers of families with British Guyana connections. You can find out about research progress and make comments at the Van Cooten Voices Blog. The previous version of the family history site is still accessible.

MMF Publications have microfilmed maps from the Netherlands Nationaal Archief collection. With their cooperation an online version of the 'Images of East and West' map collection is available.

In 1785 a survey was made of plantation owners in the Demerara colony, and of their suitability to hold public office. A transcript and translation of this document is available via this site.

John Smith was a London Missionary Society missionary in the colony of Demerara. He allegedly had a role in the Demerara slave rebellion of 1823. His diary gives a fascinating insight into life in the colony.

John Wilmer has allowed me to make available transcripts and images of early 19th century newspapers from the colonies that became British Guiana, the present day Guyana.

Tikwis Begbie maintains a database of residents of the colonies of Berbice, Demerara, and Essequebo. An index to this database is available on via this site.