Transcript of letter from Eugene Van Cooten to the Reverend Mr. Venn, Secretary of the Church Missionary Society.

Item in Church Missionary Society archives held by University of Birmingham Cadbury Research Library

CMS/B/OMS/C W O27/1-4

British Guiana: Demerara 1846

/1-3 Letters applying to be a missionary with CMS 1846;
/4 Letter from William Fox, chairman of Corresponding Committee, supporting application 1846

Item 2

Transcribed by Rodney Van Cooten, March 2008.

Demerary 18 Sept 1846

Revd and Dear Sir

I hope you will excuse my again trespassing upon your valuable time, but I am led to do so as I fear I was not explicit enough in my last letter to you, in stating that my great desire is to be such to the Heathen—& no other—for I might become a catechist & in due time be ordained here without difficulty.

I would also state that I gave no reference to Mr Richardson the Gentleman I am with or to the Firm at home, simply because I did not wish them to know I had a desire that way as they might imagine I was unfit to attend diligently to my duties in business, for it has long been my aim to prevent the worldly bringing a reproach upon religion in supposing that one truly pious was less active & diligent in the discharge of all his business duties, & tho’ I might not be thus reproached, I am anxious to avoid all that might lead to censure, but should there be a prospect of my being accepted, most gladly would I refer to the said parties Messrs Cornforth & Elmslie, 6 Copthall Court Throgmorton Street London. C. Richardson Esq. Dalston Rise & I W Richardson Demerary—both of whom have known me for some time in all my relations of life, and should others be required I believe I can furnish others.

I pray & hope that the powerful aid of your voice may be given in my favor and that the minds of the committee may be led by God to form a right judgment in this solemn & important matter, favorable to me & his cause.

With feelings of deep respect and humility

I remain dear Sir
Your humble servant
Eugene van Cooten

The Revd. Henry Venn B.D.
Secretary to the Church Missionary Society

Would it be asking too great a favor to request if I am accepted that it might be intimated to a dear Christian friend who is most anxious to hear the result.

Mrs John Aldous
now residing at
Fountain Cottage

NOTES:   1. Rec Oct 21 (or 27)/46