Transcript of letter from Eugene Van Cooten to Major H. Straich.

Item in Church Missionary Society archives held by University of Birmingham Cadbury Research Library

CMS/B/OMS/C A2 O86/1-11

Nigeria: Yoruba Mission 1844—1934

Mission surgeon and evangelist: Badagry 1850-1851
/1-6 Letters 1850-1851;
/7-10 Quarterly journal extracts: Mar 1850 – 6 Mar 1851;
/11 Account of C.’s last journey [to Porto Novo] by William Marsh, his interpreter Mar 1851

Item 1

Transcribed by Merle Van Cooten, 2023.

Rec.July 25/50
Major H. Straich

Badagry 17th May,1850

Dear Sir,

In consequence of resolution No 1 passed by the Parent Committee on 1st January 1850

I beg to suggest that I will not be able to carry out the plan proposed in that resolution (i.e.) ‘In visiting & exploring the various Towns &c’ unless I am provided with a suitable agent to accompany & reside with me on those expeditions. I should require a Yoruba man, capable of speaking & understanding the English language in an intelligent manner – a man similar to William Marsh would do very well. He must be a Christian man. It is essential that right ideas should be given & received on our first visits. I feel that without some such agent I can do but very little, if any thing. A wide field would thus be open for an active labourer. Such a man is not to be found here. Should the committee approve of the proposition perhaps they will take the necessary to carry it out.

I am dear Sir,
Yours very respectfully,
E. van Cooten