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  1. WJF Van Cooten remar. in Brisbane in 1920 to Lucy Frost. Who took over the Howard store when A.E. died in 1943?AE was married to Jane Pollard my husband’s relative- but they had no chn. What happened to Benj. Francis?Van Cootens store is run today by Trevor Whitby. Hoping you can assist Best wishes Marlene

  2. I have now searched this marvellous site! Claude HenryVan Cooten d. 13 dec 1888[F] John Hughes[M[ Eliz. Berry Why couldn’t I find his birth? Marlene

  3. Hi! Just discovered you as I was interested in the route my grandfather’s sailing ship took to get to Maryborough…he was Annie’s brother, Francis Henry Jones. He lived to be 97, died in Dunedin, NZ. Very sad to read that my Great Aunt had died so young. Thank you for putting up my history as well…cousins by marriage I suppose. 🙂

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