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  1. I would like to know if you have more information on an individual named Bastiaansen from Holland. He is described as: “Mixed East Indian breed. Married with half-indian woman and works as assistant” on a list of Demerara planters from the 1700s which Rodney Van Cooten published on the internet. I would like to know when Bastiaansen arrived in Demerara, where he lived in the Netherlands, the plantation on which he worked and the name of his employer. I would also like to know what Bastiaansen´s first name was, the name of his wife and whether or not she was Amerindian. Finally, the list of Demerara colonists includes an Edward Hughes that was born in 1799. I would like to know where you found Edward Hughes´s date of birth and if you have any other information on this individual and other instances of the names Hughes or Marsden in British Guiana. Thank you.

    Notes from your site:
    Demerara Planters 1785 (vc.id.au), settlers to the Directors of the Dutch West India Company in several cities in Holland. The copy referred to at this site is held at central archives of the City and Province of Groningen. The settlers complain in the letter about their problems during the fourth Anglo-Dutch war (1780-1784). During this period, Essequibo and Demarary was occupied by the English and the French. After the war the colonies were returned to the Dutch West India Company. However, the company set up an new governor, and took the ancient right of the planters away.

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