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Annie Jones

Someone contacted me recently trying to determine if he was connected to the Annie Jones lurking in the Van Cooten tree. The information I had for her was sparse, so the contact prompted me to do a little more research. Annie was the first wife of William John Fraser Van Cooten. The only information I had about her was from a couple of entries in a family bible. She died after giving birth to their first child Sylvester Fraser Van Cooten, who also died at birth. Knowing that the marriage in question took place in Queensland, I searched the Queensland historical marriages and found: 

Reg # Subjects family name Subjects given names Other party’s names
1910/C002280 Van Cooten William John Fraser Sarah Ann Caroline Jones

Sarah Ann Caroline is obviously the person I had always heard referred to as “Annie”. Doing a search on deaths, I found:

Reg # Family name Given name Fathers given names Mothers names
1911/C002979 Van Cooten Sarah Ann Caroline David Jones Amelia Williams
1911/C008879 Van Cooten Sylvester Fraser William John Fraser Sarah Ann Caroline Jones

This confirms Annie’s full name, and also gives the names of her parents. Doing a search for births to David Jones and Amelia Williams gives:

Reg # Family name Given names Fathers given names Mothers names
1884/C005818 Jones Sarah Anne Caroline David Amelia Williams
1887/C006616 Jones Thomas Stephen David Amelia Williams
1888/C007565 Jones John Edgar David Amelia Williams
1882/M001167 Jones Unnamed (M) David Amelia Williams

 Thus “Annie” was born in Queensland along with three other brothers, one who possibly died at birth. Continuing this further, I decided to look for an immigration record for the Jones. These are available online for the years 1848 to 1884 in pdf form.  In the pdf for “Johnston to Jones” I found that an Amelia Jones and a David Jones both arrived aboard the “Silver Eagle” on 7 June 1882. I then consulted the microfilm of the Queensland immigration records held at the State Library of Victoria.The “Silver Eagle” skippered by Captain Wright departed Plymouth 2nd March 1882 and arrived at Maryborough 7th June 1882. On board were:

Jones David Male 34
Jones Amelia Female 35
Jones William Male 9
Jones Francis Male 7
Jones Margaret Female 2
Jones Ada Female 1
Jones   born on voyage

This shows that the family were quite well established before emigration, and also gives an idea of ages for David and Amelia. I then looked in the British census records and found the family in the 1881 census for Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. The residents of 11 Victoria Place were:

David Jones Head Mar M 33 Wire warehouse man Monmouthshire
Amelia Jones Wife Mar F 34 Monmouthshire
William Frederick Jones Son   M 8 Scholar Monmouthshire
Francis Henry Jones Son   M 6 Scholar Monmouthshire
Margaret Amy Jones Daur   F 2   Monmouthshire
Ada Eleanor Jones Daur   F 4 months   Monmouthshire 

These ages correspond quite well with those given in the immigration record, and the census also indicates that the family were all born in Wales.The final step I took was to look at the electoral records for Queensland. These show Amelia and David living at Macadam St, Maryborough, Queensland during the period 1913 to 1925. Amelia’s occupation is “home duties” and David is a carpenter. No other family members appear at the same address. Amelia and David would have been in their 70s at this time.

Although this family is a “dead end” as far as Van Cooten descendants goes,  it was an interesting exercise to see how much information could be obtained, and gaps filled, in a relatively short space of time using resources readily available on the internet, and State Library of Victoria holdings.


Comment from marlene wilson
Time October 4, 2008 at 12:31 pm

WJF Van Cooten remar. in Brisbane in 1920 to Lucy Frost. Who took over the Howard store when A.E. died in 1943?AE was married to Jane Pollard my husband’s relative- but they had no chn. What happened to Benj. Francis?Van Cootens store is run today by Trevor Whitby. Hoping you can assist Best wishes Marlene

Comment from marlene wilson
Time October 4, 2008 at 12:33 pm

Ps Do you know where John Hughes Van Cooten was born c 1856? Thank you Marlene

Comment from marlene wilson
Time October 4, 2008 at 1:09 pm

I have now searched this marvellous site! Claude HenryVan Cooten d. 13 dec 1888[F] John Hughes[M[ Eliz. Berry Why couldn’t I find his birth? Marlene

Comment from Peta Jones
Time March 23, 2014 at 6:53 pm

Hi! Just discovered you as I was interested in the route my grandfather’s sailing ship took to get to Maryborough…he was Annie’s brother, Francis Henry Jones. He lived to be 97, died in Dunedin, NZ. Very sad to read that my Great Aunt had died so young. Thank you for putting up my history as well…cousins by marriage I suppose. 🙂

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