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Newspapers as sources

In a previous item I referred to the Australian Newspapers on line project. There are a number of other resources that I have encountered in my research. The first I would like to mention is the transcription of Guyana colonial newspapers being transcribed by John Wilmer. These are a valuable source of information for an […]

Australian Newspapers on line

The National Library of Australia released in December 2008 the first stage of their project to digitise out of copyright newspapers. They are creating a free online service that will enable full-text searching of newspaper articles. This is a really fantastic project, and one of the current features is the ability of users to improve, annotate, and […]

Annie Jones

Someone contacted me recently trying to determine if he was connected to the Annie Jones lurking in the Van Cooten tree. The information I had for her was sparse, so the contact prompted me to do a little more research. Annie was the first wife of William John Fraser Van Cooten. The only information I […]

The Value of Old Money

In working out the equivalent value in today’s money of the legacies that Anna Maria left, I found the Measuring Worth site. Very useful for gaining some idea of equivalent values of money, but also a little confusing as the different methods of calculation give some quite drastically different results! The figures I gave in the […]

Deciphering old handwriting

The handwriting in Anna Maria Van Cooten’s will was fairly hard to decipher. The copy I received was a register copy, and thus it was written in a copyist’s script, rather than Anna Maria’s handwriting. There’s a really good site at the British National Archives about Palaeography: reading old handwriting 1500 – 1800 that provides […]

Physician reveal thyself!

I’ve mentioned before that John Van Cooten was a physician. There are a variety of sources of biographical information on medical practitioners in England, but I will focus on those that are relevant to find out more about John Van Cooten. The Cyndi’s List category for doctors contains some useful links for online resources, but […]

Trawling Google Books

Google Books contains a surprising mine of genealogical information, particularly when searching for a relatively uncommon name like “Van Cooten”. I occasionally check Google Books to see what might pop up. For full text books in the references below, search for “Van Cooten” in the “Search in this book” field at the bottom of the […]

Both ends of the voyage to Canada

The Genealogical Society of Victoria Library provides members free access to – a commercial site specialising in British family history records, including complete birth, marriage and death records for England and Wales from 1837 to 2004, fully transcribed census records, overseas and consular records, and military records. I have recently explored their shipping records […]


I referred to FreeBMD in the previous post. FreeBMD is an ongoing project, the aim of which is to transcribe the Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales, and to provide free Internet access to the transcribed records. It is a collaboration of thousands of people world wide transcribing to […]

Utrecht Archives

The Utrecht Archives contains many online resources. In particular is the database of extracts and digitised images of certificates of notaries who resided in the city Utrecht. The database contains over 167,500 extracts for the period 1663-1783, all having digitised images. As Utrecht was the base of much commerce with the Demerara colony, many contracts […]