Treasures of metal and leeks

First day of holidays! Sleep in!
The lure of treasure abounding motivated boys to wake up at 6am, get dressed and ready to be on the doorstep of the garage sale down the road at 8 on the dot. In my stupour and with cup of tea in hand I went with them.
I struck gold!!!!

First thing I saw was a retro Toastie Toaster jaffle iron–the round ones that make deep flying saucers of toasty suprises. They sold it to me for $5 and wanted to sell me my mug too but were slightly puzzled that they didn’t quite recognize it.

Boys scored a 60’s toy basket full of real marbles–and eyed off a manner of other goodies.
We were to return…

I put my jaffle iron straight to work and made a breakfast egg jaffle. Totally out of practice, the top of jaffle stuck to the iron and tore…big mess, but yummy. Need to spread more butter on bread.

To market and Random Lunch Challenge was a challenge and stretch, but perseverance pays off.
The idea of a cob of corn wrapped in bacon and BBQed came to mind, but frustration set in when the cost of corn seemed prohibitive. Boys learnt that ideas may be good but seasonality is something to bear in mind.

Light bulb moment occurred when one boy suggested wrapping bacon around a length of leek…the ensuing to-ing and fro-ing of ideas led to the master plan: Leek wrapped in bacon, sauteed in butter, braised with verjuice to a soft, sweet caramelized parcel, topped with Gorgonzola dolce latte then baked in the oven until the cheese forms an unctuous melted coat on the leek. We struck gold!

A phone call from The Quality Controller’s brother led to an extra person partaking in the results of the challenge, and bringing a fresh loaf of crusty olive bread to mop up the sauce.

Random lunch challenge, apart from pantry verjuice and butter, and the contribution of bread, fed 5 for $8.50.

We returned to the garage sale and I was about to strike gold again but the lady realized she didn’t really want to sell her gorgeous Moroccan teapot that I had visions of using in a Moroccan banquet. Sigh.

A boy got some travel Scrabble and a retro German butter curler instead.
And I do already have a Moroccan teapot…



Treasures of metal and leeks — 6 Comments

    • That is a question that raises a little concern in me about manners and my blog title. Licking the plate clean does imply a freedom or lack of inhibitions to do so…We feel able to lick the plate clean in the privacy of home, but this is dependent on care for some visitors who may be offended by this.
      So yes,the use of bread, at home or in public, to mop up the sauce/juice/gravy allows for every last morsel to be rescued in a more dignified way.I am a firm believer that bread should always be available in cafes/restaurants especially when a saucy meal is served.

  1. The leek dish sounds fantastic and I like how the boys have a lot of input and ideas in the lunch challenge. I really love hearing about their op shop successes too. I love a good Op.

    • The boys are learning very much to think on their feet as to what is available,and what can go with what to come together as a meal.Sometimes they get frustrated, but it is a good if not random/interesting experience for all concerned.And yes, op shops, garage sales…..way to go!

  2. Great Blog. I remember those Jaffle irons-we had one when I was a kid. Now I think you should be able to like the plate clean. Who made up the rule that it was rude. I think its a compliment to the cook that you want to have every morsel. You can’t see what someone is doing anyway, because the plate covers your face. Pat licked his plate clean last week. I gave him his favourite-lasagne which he hasn’t had for about 3 years due to gluten and diary intolerance. He is now allowed 1 serving a week – so I gave it to him all in one go. How could you not let him lick the plate clean. The joy on his face was lovely.

    • Thanks for your encouraging comment.
      I agree- licking the plate clean is a compliment and YOU should feel greatly complimented with the joy on Pats face after licking his lasagna plate clean!Love it!

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